A native of Los Angeles, I came to appreciate visual storytelling while taking film classes in high school. Initially interested in cinematography, I attended film school to further learn about film production. This was followed by freelance work as a camera operator and assistant cameraman for local independent film/video productions.

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Gradually, I became intrigued by the breadth of musical styles in films - past to present. And I began to develop my musical knowledge by studying music theory, orchestration (under the guidance of the late Robert Drasnin), world instruments, and film scoring - and started exercising my musical creativity via synthestration.

My music has been featured in corporate videos, dance recitals, community events, and other media. I'm a member of the Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL).


With the encouragement of Chris Meledandri (Illumination Animation), I'm currently focused on networking with filmmakers, particularly within the animation sphere. I also enjoy corresponding with Hollywood film composers, session musicians, and other film industry professionals - in an effort to further educate myself about the art, process, and business of scoring films.


Apart from music, I work as an event filmmaker for European destination weddings, Hollywood events, and more.  (Wilmott Productions

Hobbies include watching films, improvising on the piano, listening to orchestral music, attending classical concerts, reading history, traveling, and visiting U.S. National Parks.


w/ cinema's most prolific composer,

John Williams

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w/ famed Disney composer & songwriter,

Alan Menken